Requested books from Mar 17th, 2017

Hi folks, Here is the list of requests from last Friday’s library program. Books can be dropped off at Venus Envy (1598 Barrington St.) or The Loaded Ladle (6136 University Ave, Room B24, basement of the SUB).
Thank you so much!

Lord of the Rings – Return of the King
Harry Potter – Books 4, 5, 6
Janet Evanovich – Book 13 onwards
Tarot Book (divinatory tarot)
Stephen King – Under the Dome Part 2
A Million Little Pieces
“Born on a Rotten Day” (book about astrology)
Other astrology books
Princess Diana books
Joyce Miller books
Sociology books
True crime + autobiographies
Books about: crows, astral projection, dolphins, oxygen workouts, hypnosis, dreams
Orwell – 1984
Thirst – Volume III
Get Money, Hustle Hard
George Russel Jr – Serial Killer
David Carpenter – The Trailside Killer
The Unibomber, Theodore Kaczynski
Books about Charles Manson, JonBenet Ramsay, Lizzie Borden, the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, the Freeway Phantom, Hillside Strangler, BTK Strangler, Helter Skelter, astrology
A dictionary
John Douglas – Mind Hunter and Journey into the Darkness
Michael Newton – Daddy was the Black Dahlia Killer
workout books
Nick Frost
Ray Bondi and Walt Hecox – California’s Most Gruesome Serial Killer
Lee Fisher – Jack Reacher series
The first and third book of The Clan Series


Requests list from March 3rd, 2017 library program

Thanks as always for your support of our programs! Here’s the list from today’s library program to share with any book-lovers who may have some of these titles sitting on their shelves. Also a reminder that we do take donations of new children’s books for our read-aloud program.
All donations can be dropped off to Venus Envy (1598 Barrington St.) or The Loaded Ladle (6136 University Ave, Room B24, basement of the SUB).

Books by:
Meesha Mink
Sistah Souljah
D’neesha Diamond
Kiki Swinson
Joyce Meyer
Anne Rule (newer titles)
Lee Child
Stuart Woods
Jeffery Deaver
Nicolas Sparks

Ursula K LeGuin: “The Tomb of Atuan” and “The Farthest Shore” (2nd and 3rd in the Earthsea series)
Zlata’s Diary-Zlata Filipovic
Cathy Glass: “Daddy’s Little Princess” or “Cut”
David Sedaris: “Barrel Fever and other stories”
Beth Wiseman: “Plain Perfect”
Stuart Woods: “Lucid Intervals” “Capital Crimes” “Dead in Water” “Deep Lies” etc or any other new titles
Journey into the Darkness – John Douglas
Daddy was the Black Dahlia Killer – Micheal Newton
Serial Killer George Russell Jr.
The Trailside Killer David Carpenter
Green River Killer
The Unibomber Theodore Kaczynski
Charles Manson
The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run
Mind Hunter – John Douglas
Books about: The Freeway Phantom,Hillside Strangler , BTK Strangler , Helter Skelter
Astrology books
Workout books (exercise moves/strategies)
Black women authors of urban fiction
Nick Frost
All his father’s sins: the shocking truth about California’s most gruesome serial killer – Ray Biondi and Walt Hecox
Diary of Anne Frank
Rapture and Death -JD Robb
Earthsea Series #2 &3
The walking dead books
Any books that have been made into movies