Requests from November 24 program

Hello BBB supporters! Here is our latest list of requests. Donations can be dropped off at Venus Envy (Barrington St) or the Loaded Ladle (in the Dal Students’ Union Building).

As always, we need a large amount of our most requested item: non-coil bound journals and notebooks.

Thank you for your ongoing support!!


  • Buddhism
  • French Books
  • Immigration law
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Middle-East/Saudi Arabia
  • Mi’kmaw authors and topics
  • Non-Fiction (Biographies)
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry
  • Reiki
  • Serial killer stories
  • Teen Harlequin
  • True crime
  • Vampire


  • Andrews, V. C. – Hidden Jewel
  • Atwood, Margaret – Alias Grace
  • Black authors
  • Brown, Anne Greenwood – Promise Bound, Betrayal
  • Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
  • Cast, P. C. – Marked – the last few in the series, after Revealed
  • Hamilton, Laura K.
  • Mi’kmaw authors
  • Rice, Ann – The V Chronicles (the Vampire Books)
  • Roth, Veronica – Insurgent series, Divergent
  • Smith, L. J. – Nightworld series
  • Mink, Meesha and De’nesha Diamon – Desperate Hoodwives
  • Mink, Meesha (any)
    majjhima nikaya, diggha nikaya (Buddhism books)


  • Origami Paper

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