Requests from Dec 20th, 2017 library program

Hello BBB supporters! Here is the list of requests from our December 22nd program.

We are always grateful to accept non spiral-bound journals and notebooks.

Books can be dropped off at Venus Envy (1598 Barrington St) (The Loaded Ladle is closed for the holidays so please drop off to Venus Envy). We can also accept books via mail if you want to send a package or an online order our way! PO Box 33129, Halifax, NS B3L4T6.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Andrews, VC – Hidden Jewel, Daughter of Light
Armstrong, Kelley – Bitten
Atwood, Margaret – newer works
Blume, Judy – Summer Sisters
Cast, PC – Destined, Hidden, Revealed (House of Night series), the Fledgling Handbook, Dragon’s Oath
Darnell, Melissa – Crave (The Clann Series)
Greenwood-Browne, Anne – Lies Beneath, Spellbound
Harris, Charlaine – True Blood Series (#2: Living Dead in Dallas, #3: Club Dead, #4: Dead to the World)
Mink, Meesha – Shameless Hoodwives, Hustle Hard
Patterson, James – newer books
Souljah, Sista – A Deeper Love Inside

General Topics:
Law books – Nova Scotia or Canadian law
Fantasy / sci-fi series similar to Harry Potter, LOTR, Game of Thrones, etc)
SARK Motivational Books
Encyclopedia-style books about anatomy, blood born diseases
True crime – with pictures
Clinician’s guide to prescription drugs
Anything by Mishka Mink, D’nisha Diamond, and Sistah Souljah

Drawing / sketch paper or pads
Origami paper
Origami instruction books
Dinosaur colouring pages


Author: Su -Old Thyme Apothecary

* Community herbalist with 600 hours of training in Western Herbalism through Dominion College. * Primarily self-taught: many hours spent learning from the plants/fording creeks with many dried plant bits in my pockets.* Believe in the power of holistic medicine. * Self identified mad/crazy herbalist with rosary beads and witchy ancestors.

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