Requests from June 29 program

Hello BBB Supporters! Here is the request list from today’s program. We go in again July 13th.

Donations can be dropped off at Venus Envy (Barrington St), Alteregos (Gottingen St), and the Loaded Ladle (basement of Dalhousie Student Union Building). Donations can also be mailed directly to us.

As always, non-coil bound journals and notebooks are so appreciated and always in demand.

Thank you for your ongoing support!!

Kiki Swinson

D’nesha Diamon

Nichelle Walker

James Patterson – books 2016 and newer, Maximum Ride series #4 and beyond (Extreme Sports, The Final Warning, etc)

Danielle Steele- The Cast, The Good Fight

Jane Hinchley – The Awakening Series

Archie Comics!

John Windham – The Chrysalids

Fantasy books / series

Books with pictures of old movie stars

Books about the holocaust (fiction or non-fiction)

dayplanners / agendas (non-coil bound)

good, comprehensive dictionary

Visual tai chi

True crime


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