Requests from July 27 program

Hello BBB supporters! Here is our most recent request list. We will be going in for our next library program on August 10th (which is also Prisoner’s Justice Day. Check out the PJD event we are hosting that evening!)

Donations can be dropped off at Venus Envy (Barrington St), Alteregos (Gottingen St), and the Loaded Ladle (basement of Dalhousie Student Union Building). Donations can also be mailed directly to us.

Non-coil-bound notebooks and journals are ALWAYS appreciated. They are the most popular and requested item in our library program and we always need more. Thank you for your support!!

Any books by:
Joy Fielding
Kiki Swinson
T. Stiles
Danielle Steel – Large print only
Jackie Collins

Bodies in the Backyard: The Noel Winters
James Patterson: Seduction, Unlucky, Haunted, number series except 4, 8, 12, 15
True Crime on Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy
De’Nesha Diamond : Gangster Divas, Fistful of Benjamins, King Divas
Robert Jordan: The Wheel of Time Series- Book 2- The Great Hunt
Mesha Mink – #1 of the Urban Tales Series, #4 of the Urban Tales Series
Ellen Hopkins: Tricks
Desiree Day: Cruising, Crazy Love
Lee Goldburg and Janet Evanovich: The Chase
Stephen King: Dark Tower Book 7 and IT

Any Medium Level Learn French Books
Any Medium Level Learn Math Books
Sailor Moon Anime
Garfield Books- Insults and Gags

Disney Colouring Pages
Tigger Colouring Pages, or Lion King, or Unicorns, or Wolves or Angels Colouring Pages
4 Sketchbooks (blank paper books) – non coil-bound


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