Request list from Jan 24th 2020

Hello BBB Supporters! Below are our requests from last program (January 24th, 2020). Thanks for your ongoing support

Gena Showalter – Alice in Zombieland and Through the Zombie Glass
Kelly Armstrong – The Rising
Lesley Livingston – Wonderous Strange, Tempestuous
P. C. Cast – Destined, Hidden, Revealed, Redeemed
Rachel Vincent – If I Die series
Kiki Swinson

Other Genres:

As always, donations can be dropped off at Venus Envy (Barrington St), Alter Egos (Gottingen St), or the Loaded Ladle office (Dalhousie Students Union Building).

A reminder that we have an Amazon Wish List! If you are feeling extra generous, or are looking for a $5-10 add-on to get free shipping, please consider ordering us something from our Wish List:

Request list from December 27

Hello BBB Supporters! Below are our requests from last program.

As always, donations can be dropped off at Venus Envy (Barrington St), Alter Egos (Gottingen St), or the Loaded Ladle office (Dalhousie Students Union Building).

A reminder that we have an Amazon Wish List! If you are feeling extra generous, or are looking for a $5-10 add-on to get free shipping, please consider ordering us something from our Wish List.

Thank you for your ongoing support!!!


Shaddowland by Alyson Noel
Clan of the Cavebear and The Valley of Horses by Jean M. Auel
Patricia Briggs books
Patricia Cromwell books
Kiki Swinson Books
Books about residential schools
Any Mi’kmaq books
Gangster/Mob books
Vampire Diaries
Fairie Books
Manga books like Naruto, Bleach, Deftones
Books about Satanism

Requests list from Sept 6th, 2019

Hello BBB supporters! Here is our most recent request list. We will be doing program again September 20th. Requests can be dropped off at: Venus Envy – Halifax on Barrington, Alteregos Cafe & Catering on Gottingen, and The Loaded Ladle office in the basement of the Dal SUB.

A reminder that we have an Amazon Wish List! If you’re looking for an add-on to get free shipping, or are just feeling generous, please consider purchasing us something from this list. Thank you for your continued support!…

Joy Fielding books
Susan Beth Pfeffer – Dead and the Gone
El James – 50 Shades of Grey (1 & 2)
Diana Gabaldon – Outlander series
Ruth Whitehead – The Old Man Told Us

Books about Texas Hold ’em

Requests list, July 2019

Hi BBB supporters! We are looking for this list of books. They were requested during our last library program in the Women’s side of the Burnside Prison. If you have any of these, we would greatly appreciate it! You can drop them off at Venus Envy – Halifax on Barrington, Alteregos Cafe & Catering on Gottingen, and The Loaded Ladle office in the basement of the Dal SUB. Thank you so much for your support and hope you’re all enjoying the summer.

Specific titles:
Updated Criminal Code of Canada
Gabriel Zevin: Elsewhere
Cassandra Clare: Clockwork Prince, Clockwork Angel
C.S Lewis: Chronicles of Narnia (boxset/any of the titles)
Maya Angelou: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Gordon Parks: The Learning Tree
Anne Bishop: Written in Red, Murder of Crows
Stephenie Meyer: The Host
Cinda Williams Chima: The Demon King, The Exiled King, The Gray Wolf Throne, The Crimson Crown
Janet Evanovich: Wicked Business

Joy Fielding (newer releases)
Danielle Steele (newer releases)

Books about Bonnie & Clyde
True stories about psych wards in NS
Books about NS ghost stories, books about Oak Island ghost stories
Books about sex work in Canada
Books about Greek gods
Books about legionnaire’s disease
Books about Klinefelter syndrome

June donation requests

These books have all been requested in the last month from the women’s side of the Burnside Prison. If you have any of these, we would greatly appreciate it! You can drop them off at one of our donations. Thank you so much for your support!

Specific Titles:
Gabriel Zevin: Elsewhere
Gordon Parks: The Learning Tree
Nora Roberts: Dark Witch
Janet Evanovich: Wicked Business
VC Andrews: Garden of Shadows, Heaven, My Sweet Audriana, Unfinished Symphony
Kelly Armstrong: Gathering, Made to be Broken
Gary John Bishop: Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life
Lee Child: Running Blind, Worth Dying For
Anne Bishop: Written in Red, Murder of Crows
Marissa Meyer: Scarlet, Cress, Winter
Cassandra Clare: Clockwork Prince, Clockwork Angel, The City of Fallen Angels
Michael Grant series: Gone, Hunger
Monster book of Manga “How to Draw”

De’Nesha Diamond
Kiki Swinson
Maxine Tynes

Books about chromosome abnormalities
Books about hermaphrodites/intersex people
Books about Klinefelter syndrome
Plains Cree language books
Book about Bonnie & Clyde
Books about NS ghost stories, Books by Vernon Oickle
True Crime/ True Stories
Books about Black History
Pagan/Wicca/Women’s Healing books
Queer/Trans books
Pictures of Falcons/Phoenixes for drawing

New way to donate: Amazon wish list

Do you love shopping on amazon? Do you find yourself searching for items prices $5-10 in order to get free shipping?


We have an amazon wish list! We will update this list to reflect our request lists and most requested authors and items.

Items can be dropped off at any of our regular donation spots or shipped directly to our PO Box:

Books Beyond Bars
PO Box 33129
Halifax, NS
B3L 4T6

Book requests from May programs

Hi supporters and friends: here are our request lists from our last 2 library programs (May 17th and May 31st). Thank you for your ongoing support! We are still accepting books at Venus Envy, Alteregos Cafe and The Loaded Ladle office.

City of Fallen Angels, City of Heavenly Fire, Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince-all by Cassandra Clare
Gone series by Michael Grant: Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear, Light,Monster, Villian
Behemoth by Scott Westerfield
Paradise Lost
The Odyssey
The Diviners by Margaret Laurence
Made to be Broken by Kelly Armstrong
The Gathering by Kelly Armstrong
Books about becoming an addictions counsellor
Books about becoming an esthetician
Written in Red & Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop
Scarlet, Cress & Winter: 3 books by Marissa Meyer
The Monster Book of Manga: Draw like the Experts by Estudio Joso & Fernando Casaus
The Dark Side of Life in Victorian Halifax- Judith Fingard
Any books about Borderline Personality Disorder
Books about Auras, and reading people’s auras
Poetry books
Picture books about Falcons (for drawing reference)
Books by or about Maxine Tynes

Note extended application date | Job posting: Prison Programming and Event Coordinator

Books Beyond Bars is seeking a temporary Programming and Event Coordinator based in the Halifax Regional Municipality to assist with our library programs and public outreach.

Books Beyond Bars is a volunteer-run collective based in Halifax that goes into the women’s section of the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Burnside twice monthly to improve access to books, writing, and literature to incarcerated women.

Since 2005 Books Beyond Bars has and continues to:

  • Distribute books and writing journals in a book exchange program,
  • Collect writing, artwork and poetry for a zine, and now a book, called Words Without Walls,
  • Offer a “Read Aloud” program in which we tape record women inside reading children’s books and then send the book and tape to their children outside,
  • Organize writing and poetry workshops, both at Burnside and the Nova Institute for Women in Truro.

Books Beyond Bars operates with the belief that the prison system is fundamentally flawed. Sending women to prison does not support people in dealing with the issues that led to their incarceration: poverty, abuse, racism, addiction, etc. We visit the women’s prisons in Nova Scotia to break down barriers between women who are caught in an unjust system and those of us on the outside involved with prison justice issues.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist with organizing books and other materials in our Library, including re-shelving books, labelling books using our identification system, and tidying the space.
  • Assist with packing books and book requests for our twice monthly library program.
  • Post book requests from incarcerated women to social media, and help to coordinate donations.
  • Work with members of the collective to organize a public event or project in support of Prisoner Justice Day (August 10, 2019).
  • Coordinate planning and logistics for a book sale event including determining a date, coordinating book donations, promoting the sale, and creating a schedule for the day of.
  • Participate in collective meetings, and provide input into programming and decisions.


This position provides an opportunity both to gain experience working with an established prisoner justice collective and undertake more self-directed projects. The ideal candidate for this position will be interested in prisoner justice work and be comfortable working independently.

Experience with event planning and logistics would be considered a major asset.

A valid driver’s licence would be an asset but not required.

People who have previously been incarcerated, or have other experiences in the justice system are encouraged to apply. Books Beyond Bars also encourages people from marginalized communities to apply, including people who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour, African Nova Scotian, disabled, two-spirit, queer, trans, or single parents. Applicants can identify in their cover letter.

Funding Requirements

This job is being offered through the Canada Summer Jobs program. Applicants must be between 15 and 30.

Term and Compensation

This is an approximately 8 week term position, at $404.25 per week.

How To Apply

Email resume and cover letter to by the updated deadline of June 10, 2019.

Urgent: Books Beyond Bars Needs Your Help!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we need to move our library from its current space to a new space by Friday, February 8th. This is all very short notice and there will be a huge amount of work involved in this move. In the next 10 days, we need to pack up our entire library and move it to a new space, or an interim temporary storage location. Our library has been in its current space for over a decade and is made up of thousands of books, from popular fiction and non-fiction to local authors and self-published works.


  • We need a new space to house our library. Preferably in peninsular Halifax or central Dartmouth. Ideally this space would be free or low cost to use and available for us to access any time.
  • Sourcing sturdy moving boxes
  • Help with packing and clearly labelling boxes of books at our current location on Gottingen street.
  • Loading, moving, and unloading boxes to our new home or interim storage space

Please be in touch with us via email or send a message to us through our Facebook page: with offers or help or any suggestions regarding a new space to house our library.  THANK YOU!