Requests from April 20th program

Here is the request list from our most recent program. Books can be dropped off at Venus Envy (Barrington St), Alter Egos (Gottingen St), and the Loaded Ladle (Dalhousie Students Union Building). Donations can also be mailed directly to us.

As always, non-coil bound notebooks and journals are our most requested item. We are always grateful to receive those.

Thank you for your continued support!

Joy Fielding
Sidney Sheldon
Allan Hopkins
Meesha Mink
De’nesha Diamond
Kiki Swinson
Kayla Perrin
John Grisham (newer)
James Patterson (newer)
Large print books

Kelley Armstrong – Broken, Living with the Dead, Men is the Otherworld, Exit Strategy, Made to be Broken, The Gathering Series
Recent books on thyroid disorders
Recent books on mental health conditions
Biography of Einstein
True crime about serial killers
Neil Gaiman – InterWorld Series

2018 Day planners
Origami paper
Origami instructions
Colouring pages/books: animals, sugar skulls, peace signs, roses, hearts, flowers
Folders (no metal pieces)
Magazines for collaging


Requests from March 23rd,2018 program

Here is the request list from our most recent library program. Books can be dropped off at Venus Envy (Barrington St), Alter Egos (Gottingen St), and the Loaded Ladle/NSPIRG office in the Dalhousie Students’ Union Building.

As always, non-coil bound journals are always needed in great numbers.

Thank you for your continued support!!

Steven Williams – Invisible Darkness

Kelly Armstrong – The Reckoning, Living with the Dead, Waking the Witch, Men of the Otherworld series, Frostbitten, Exit Strategy, Made to be Broken, The Awakening

De’nesha Diamond – Gangsta Divas

C. C Hunter – Shadow Falls: The Beginning

PC Cast – House of Night series: 6th book onwards (esp. Destined)

Ellen Schreiber – Vampire Kisses 5 and 6
LJ Smith – Strange Fate
Mary Higgins Clark
Misha Mink – Kiss the Ring, Real Wifeys Hustle Hard, Real Wifeys Get Money
True crime – serial killers

Origami paper

colouring pages: animals, prayer hands, skills, butterflies, pixies, flowers, roses, hearts

Folders – portfolio style
2018 dayplanners

Requests from Feb. 9 program

Here is our request list from our most recent program. We are always accepting donations of non coil-bound journals and notebooks.

Donations can be dropped off at Venus Envy (1598 BarringtonSt), The Loaded Ladle office (6136 University Dr), and our newest drop-off spot, AlterEgos (2193 Gottingen St).

You can also send donations to us directly!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

James Patterson: women’s murder club series and any newer books (from the last 2 years)
Bella Forrest: A Shade of Blood
Duncan Thornton: Kalifax
Naomi Novik: Temeraire series (His Majesty’s Dragon, etc)
PC Cast: Divine by Choice
Cinda Williams Chima: Seven Realms Series
Kelley Armstrong: Personal Demon
Bogus to Bubbly: Insiders Guide to the Uglies
John Grisham, Dean Koontz: newer books
Sara Blaedel: The Lost Woman, The Undertakers Daughter
Dalai Lama: The Art of Happiness
Kay Redfield Jamison: The Night Falls Fast
Asylums: Erving Goffman

– law books focusing on habeas corpus
– large print books and novels
– magical/fantasy/werewolf fiction
– true crime
– city of bones series
– book on celiac disease (blood born diseases)
– book on hepatitis (blood born diseases)
– book on how to authenticate designer handbags
– textbooks: genetics, organic and inorganic chemistry, basic physics
– grammar and spelling workbooks
– math work books (basic maths)

– sketch books / artists drawing pads
– origami paper

Submission on Justice Transformation

email-iconThe Canadian government is doing a review of the justice system and is seeking submissions from Canadians. Submissions are due January 31, 2018. Books Beyond Bars is submitting the following letter. We encourage you to submit as well.

Subject: Submission on Justice Transformation from Books Beyond Bars

Books Beyond Bars provides programming in the women’s section of the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility to improve access to books, writing, and literature for incarcerated women. Because we work closely with women who are incarcerated, we witness some of the effects of the current justice system on these women’s lives and the lives of the people they are connected to.

We believe that the prison system is fundamentally flawed, and does not address the systemic factors that lead to incarceration such as poverty, abuse, racism, and being criminalized for being someone who uses substances. Incarceration isolates people from their communities and families, damaging both. We believe that the prison system should be abolished and the justice systems should focus on finding ways to address conflict that are productive for communities, address the root causes of criminal behaviour, and support offenders in avoiding reoffending.

More immediately, we believe that measures need to be taken to improve conditions for incarcerated people such as eliminating solitary confinement, increasing programming to address trauma and addiction, and ensuring that transgender people’s identities are affirmed and respected.

Thank you for your consideration,
Books Beyond Bars

Requests from January 12th program

Hi Friends & Supporters, below is our list of requests from our January 12th library program. We always welcome non-spiral bound journals and sketchbooks as well & all donations can be dropped off at Venus Envy (1598 Barrington st), the Loaded Ladle (in the Dal Students’ Union Building) or our new location at Alteregos Cafe (2193 Gottingen St.). Thanks so much for your continued support!

“Dark Angel” and “The Chosen” by L.J. Smith
Shades of Vampire Series by Bella Forrest (all books except #1)
“Life With Billy” by Brian Vallee
“Hustlin Diva”, “Boss Diva” and “Gangsta Diva” by De’nesha Diamond
“Destined” by P.C Cast
“City of Glass” by Cassandra Clare
“Torn” and “Ascend” by Amanda Hocking
Anatomy for the Artist book
Wildflower Series by VC Andrews

Any books by Sista Souljah
Books about Reiki
Books about Body Language & non-verbal communication
Beginners/Basic ASL books
True Crime books
Large print instructional art books
Pregnancy/Birth/Baby books (not What to Expect when you’re Expecting books)
Books about Natural/Herbal support for pregnancy & babies
Alcoholics Anonymous books

Origami paper
Origami instructional books
Day Planners/Date books (2 requested)
Small Desk Calendars (2 requested–but please non with pictures of food that they can’t eat/access)
Non-coil bound sketchbooks (2 requested)

Requests from Dec 20th, 2017 library program

Hello BBB supporters! Here is the list of requests from our December 22nd program.

We are always grateful to accept non spiral-bound journals and notebooks.

Books can be dropped off at Venus Envy (1598 Barrington St) (The Loaded Ladle is closed for the holidays so please drop off to Venus Envy). We can also accept books via mail if you want to send a package or an online order our way! PO Box 33129, Halifax, NS B3L4T6.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Andrews, VC – Hidden Jewel, Daughter of Light
Armstrong, Kelley – Bitten
Atwood, Margaret – newer works
Blume, Judy – Summer Sisters
Cast, PC – Destined, Hidden, Revealed (House of Night series), the Fledgling Handbook, Dragon’s Oath
Darnell, Melissa – Crave (The Clann Series)
Greenwood-Browne, Anne – Lies Beneath, Spellbound
Harris, Charlaine – True Blood Series (#2: Living Dead in Dallas, #3: Club Dead, #4: Dead to the World)
Mink, Meesha – Shameless Hoodwives, Hustle Hard
Patterson, James – newer books
Souljah, Sista – A Deeper Love Inside

General Topics:
Law books – Nova Scotia or Canadian law
Fantasy / sci-fi series similar to Harry Potter, LOTR, Game of Thrones, etc)
SARK Motivational Books
Encyclopedia-style books about anatomy, blood born diseases
True crime – with pictures
Clinician’s guide to prescription drugs
Anything by Mishka Mink, D’nisha Diamond, and Sistah Souljah

Drawing / sketch paper or pads
Origami paper
Origami instruction books
Dinosaur colouring pages

Requests from November 24 program

Hello BBB supporters! Here is our latest list of requests. Donations can be dropped off at Venus Envy (Barrington St) or the Loaded Ladle (in the Dal Students’ Union Building).

As always, we need a large amount of our most requested item: non-coil bound journals and notebooks.

Thank you for your ongoing support!!


  • Buddhism
  • French Books
  • Immigration law
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Middle-East/Saudi Arabia
  • Mi’kmaw authors and topics
  • Non-Fiction (Biographies)
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry
  • Reiki
  • Serial killer stories
  • Teen Harlequin
  • True crime
  • Vampire


  • Andrews, V. C. – Hidden Jewel
  • Atwood, Margaret – Alias Grace
  • Black authors
  • Brown, Anne Greenwood – Promise Bound, Betrayal
  • Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
  • Cast, P. C. – Marked – the last few in the series, after Revealed
  • Hamilton, Laura K.
  • Mi’kmaw authors
  • Rice, Ann – The V Chronicles (the Vampire Books)
  • Roth, Veronica – Insurgent series, Divergent
  • Smith, L. J. – Nightworld series
  • Mink, Meesha and De’nesha Diamon – Desperate Hoodwives
  • Mink, Meesha (any)
    majjhima nikaya, diggha nikaya (Buddhism books)


  • Origami Paper

Requests from Nov 10 program

Hi folks, here is the latest list of requested books from our bi-weekly library program in Burnside. As always, we accept donations of non coil-bound journals, and we also gratefully accept children’s books in good condition for our read-aloud program. Books can be dropped off at Venus Envy (1598 Barrington St) or the Loaded Ladle (6136 University Ave, Room B24, basement of the SUB).

Colouring pages of roses/pin up girls/ tattoo art*
Colouring pages of images from the kids show “Paw Patrol”
Crossword puzzles
Thirst 1 and Thirst 2 – Christopher Pike
Tarot Cards
Life with Billy – Brian Vallee
Books about Middle Eastern culture and/or in Arabic
Instructional drawing books
American Psycho – Bret Easton Ellis
A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess
Destined – PC Cast
Number the Stars – Lois Lowry
Under the Dome – Part 1 – Stephen King
books by Christopher Pike
Marked – PC Cast
The Secrets in the Cellar – John Glatt
books by Diane Flanning
books by Martha O’Connor
books about Mi’kmaq spirituality
astrology books
lesbian sex books (stories)
books by Mary Higgins Clarke

Requests from Sept 15th, 2017 library program

Below are the current list of requests from the Burnside Books Beyond Bars program. We accept donations of books and non coil-bound journals on an ongoing basis. Our current drop-off spots are Venus Envy 1598 Barrington St) or the Loaded Ladle (6136 University Ave, Room B24, basement of the SUB at Dalhousie).

Requests from Sept 15 2017

Vampire & Fantasy Romance
Positive motivational books (not chicken soup for the soul please)
Books on Mi’kmaq culture
Books that have been made into movies
War stories from Nova Scotia/Maritimes – especially the war of 1812

Amore, Elisa S. – Touched Series: Touched / Unfaithful / Brokenhearted / Expiation
Andrews, VC – Raven
Blaedel, Sara – The Killing Forest
Cast, PC and Kristin Cast – Hunted (#5) / Tempted (#6)
Claire, Cassandra and Joshua Lewis – The Shadow Hunter’s Codex
Feehan, Christine – Shadow Game / Mind Game
Hay, Louise – any titles
Hopkins, Ellen – The Thread, Glass
Jack, Genevieve – Vengeance
King, Stephen – “It” and other horror novels
Mink, Meesha – all titles
Patterson, James – #13, 14 & 15 of the Murder Club series / or any other recent titles
Soulja, Sister – all titles
Sparks, Nicolas – especially The Notebook / A Walk to Remember. Also, Three Weeks with my Brother / The Wedding