Requests from June 15 program

Here is the request list from our most recent program on June 15th. Books can be dropped off at Venus Envy (Barrington St), Alteregos (Gottingen St), and the Loaded Ladle (basement of Dalhousie Student Union Building). Donations can also be mailed directly to us.

Thank you as always for your support!

Specific Titles:

Graeme Simsion: “The Rosie Project”

Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg: “Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules”

Brian Vallée: “Life After Billie”

Book about John Gotti (gangster): “Mob Star,” “Gotti’s Rules”, “Gotti: Rise & Fall” etc

Meesha Mink: “Desperate Hoodwives” and “The Hood Life”

De’Nesha Diamond: “Boss Diva”

Ellen Hopkins: “Tricks,” “Cut,” “Crank,” “Tilt”

Charlaine Harris: True Blood Series (#4 and later)

Kelly Armstrong: “Living with the Dead,” “Waking the Witch,” “Exit Strategy,” “Made to be Broken”

Julie Kagawa; “Iron King,” “Iron Daughter”

Rachel Vincent: “Soul Screamer” series

Becca Fitzpatrick: “Hush, Hush” series

General Topics:

N.A. Daily Readings in Large Print

Kids books with popular cartoon characters

Buddhist guides: on meditation and spiritual practices

Graphic Novels of classic comic books (like batman, supergirl, superman, wonder woman, etc)

Self-help books about mindfulness, positive thinking, & addiction

Book about how to keep a journal

Basic cookbook


Joy Fielding

James Patterson

Urban Fiction novels, any titles by:

Kiki Swinson

Meesha Mink

De’Nesha Diamond

Sister Soulja


Folders (no metal pieces)

Day planners

Sketchbooks (no metal coil bindings)

Journals (no metal coil bindings)

Origami paper

Sudoku puzzles

Colouring pages big enough to colour with crayons



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